Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Skinny On Time Management by Jim

I read the book The Skinny on Time Management. The book
was written in comic form. The author, Jim Randel, wrote
links to outside sources, such as the internet and other
books. The book tells you detailed step by step things
on how to reach your goal in a certain amount time. The
author puts other links to outside sources so one can do
his or her own research.
I thought the book was useful. He clearly states ways one
can fix his or her problems with time management. He also
made it fun to read it. The author says jokes throughout
the book. He uses helpful visuals throughout the book
too. The book is written as a cartoon, which makes it fun
for a child to read. He writes other sources for helping
oneself, such as titles of other books and names of online
sites. The book was well-written and I really liked it
because it really helped me.

Age:13 Uxbridge, MA USA