Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shadowspell by Jenna Black

Sometimes people place fear in others, when really they
should fear themselves. Dana Hathaway has finally got
some order to her life and can now come and go from her
hideout fairly easily without too much hassle, but when
the Erlking and his posse come to town, all of that
changes. Her father fears that the Erlking was sent by
the Courts to eliminate Dana and has more or less set her
on lockdown unless she necessarily has to leave, taking at
least two bodyguards with her. When the Erlking saves
Dana from the clutches of her dear, evil aunt Grace and
her hiree, she begins to wonder if he isn't out to hurt
her after all, but when he tricks Ethan, Dana's sort of
boyfriend, into attacking him and then takes him as his
slave, Dana is without a doubt confused. She has no idea
what he wants from her, but she knows that she must get
Ethan back, but what Dana doesn't realize is how dangerous
it can be to bargain with the Erlking.

The second
installment in the Fairewalker series, Shadowspell, was an
enjoying read and had me guessing as to what was come
throughout the entire novel. Although I enjoyed reading
Shadowspell, I probably would have enjoyed the story more
if the setting was not located all around the same area
throughout the entire novel; it made for less intrigue
because the main character did not really go anywhere
besides her safehouse and a little around town. I was
captivated by the overall appeal of the new main
character, the Erlking, which the author, Jenna Black,
added to the story; scenes that included him always kept
my attention and made the plotline much more interesting.
Surprised by how much Dana had grown as a person overall,
I was overjoyed to see that she had definitely matured.
The author did well with creating interesting details and
adding surprises through-out, which really helped the flow
of the story. The second novel in the riveting
Fairewalker Series, Shadowspell, was just as satisfying as
the first and leaves off at a perfect place for a
promising continuation in the third.

There was a small
amount of inappropriate language as well as sexuality and
sexual references and suggestions.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA USA