Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly by Trisha Telep

Kiss Me Deadly is a collection of love stories edited by Trisha Telep. There are thirteen short stories with in this book; all based on love. Each story deals with the classical love connecting two people but also the love of an idea, object, or state of mind. An example of this is in the first tale, "Assassin's Apprentice." Rose, our protagonist, is on a quest for vengeance for her family's murder. She stalks the demon for weeks, but she does not take the chances she is given to kill him. This is due to the fact that once he is dead she will have nothing to live for. Rose's love of her family and her love of revenge results in her being caught with a massive decision. In the end each story concludes with the protagonist having to make a decision between two or more loves.

I loved Kiss Me Deadly. The writers chosen to be included in this book amazed me. Each author had the wonderful ability to make me picture every little detail inside my head. The mood of each tale varied from one extreme to the other, which made me empathetic for the characters. The main problem I had was that a few of the tales had weak beginnings. I was completely turned off but as I read more the story became interesting. The basic fact that the authors made their protagonist love not only a person but also something else really kept me reading and helped me feel like I was part of the story. Overall I recommend this book not only to the romantics but those who get sucked into paranormal tales with plenty of conflict.

I rate this a 3 because there is reference to drugs, alcohol, and sex.
Reviewer Age:19
Reviewer City, State and Country: AZ City, Az USA