Saturday, May 01, 2010

Flight of the Renshai by Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Flight of the Renshai is a story of three brothers on a journey to find their place. Their tribe,the Renshai, are a tribe dedicated to the sword. Long ago they were exiled from the Northlands; the tribe had settled in Bearn working for the King as apart of his army. Now spies from the North have succeeded in the banishment of the Renshai yet again. And all the while a fleet of pirates are on the verge of destroying all of Bearn.

In the middle of all this is three brothers: Calistan, Saviar, and Subikahn. One is a brillantswordsman who is traveling to the North to kill the man who murdered his mother. One is struggling with who he is and his parents seperate heritages. One is struggling with his sexuality and who his father wants him to be.

And the pirates are drawning nearer; an epic battle awaits the people of Bearn,who will need the Renshai to survive. In the end it takes the Renshai and the Northmen coming together along with the Bearn to defeat the marauders. Calistan discovers that vengence is not the answer. Saviar learns that a man can live happily honoring both of his heritages. And Subikahn finally accepts who he truly is and also gains his father's acceptance.

My opinion of this book is that it is very complicated. I had a hard time getting into the story itself. It has several plots that are happening at the same time and it was difficult for me to follow. I did enjoy reading about the struggles that each brother went through on there own journies, but it wasn't enough to hold my attention. I feel that maybe this book was meant for someone older then my twelve.

This book deals with homosexuality

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, Texas USA