Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once a Witch

Tamsin Greene is a seventeen-year-old witch in a family of witches that have special talents. Tamsin’s talent is supposed to be more powerful than anyone else's. It has been nine years since her magic was supposed to show, and nothing has happened, making Tamsin's life difficult at best.

One day, a handsome professor comes into her grandmother's shop asking for help finding an important clock. Tamsin, although she knows she can't find it without any talents, agrees, in hopes of proving herself to her family. Tamsin's search soon turns into an extraordinary adventure through time, with powerful dark magic entwined. With her friend for help, they unravel the mysteries of the Greene family's past in this enthralling story.

This book can't be set down. Every chapter has a cliffhanger ending, keeping interest throughout the book. The plot moves quickly and never lacks excitement. It is easy to sympathize with Tamsin, making the reader a part of the book. The climax is slightly confusing, but most questions are answered in the epilogue. At the end, there isn't a strong theme to finish the book, which leaves plenty of space for a sequel. I would definitely recommend this book as a good read.

This book contains some bad language, underage smoking and drinking.
Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Milwaukee, WI USA