Sunday, October 04, 2009

Whether he is known by the name Logan, or Runt, or quite simply Wolverine, Wolverine is quite an impressive and fascinating character. And throughout the comic book series, Wolverine developed from a young Canadian soldier to the ultimate soldier who fought evil at every step. Yet the life and times of Wolverine is more complicated than that due to the women in his life, his enemies, his beginnings, and his allies. This makes Wolverine's life not just story, but rather an adventure.

"The Wolverine Files" was a very detailed yet interesting book about the adventures of wolverine. I found the setting to be complete every time the book mentioned a particular scene about Wolverine. However, I find it important to note that this novel is not a compilation of comics, nor is it the usual story. Instead it is divided into sections such as "Origins", "Enemies", and "The Women in His Life". This kept these files very straight forward and easy to understand, even if you knew nothing about Wolverine. This also allows Wolverine's character to come out in earnest and help you understand him better. So this is a very helpful method if you indeed do not know anything about Wolverine, as was my case.The author, Mike W. Barr, created an ultimate guide to Wolverine's adventures, allies, enemies, and everything else about him. Even if you think that Wolverine would be a boring character, this book turns him into a real person, and will at least will grab your attention at some of the more exciting parts. However, I do not reccomend reading the entire book through in one, two, or even three sittings, for this would become tedious and you start to lose interest. None-the-less, "The Wolverine Files" is a very entertaining book with 1 major problem- the beginning. The beginning I found to be somewhat confusing, probably because I knew nothing about Wolverine. However I believe that a book should have a descriptive beginning that gives a detailed description of the main character. And I believe that "The Wolverine Files" did not do this, but rather started the story almost immediately, which made the novel somewhat overwhelming at the beginning of the story. Other than this flaw, "The Wolverine Files" is a very good book, and I would reccomend it to anyone who is just a little curious about Wolverine and the X-men.

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Baltimore, Maryland USA