Thursday, August 28, 2008

Enchantment Place

Enchantment Place is a compilation of seventeen stories from different authors; however, the stories are all linked by their setting, a magical mall called Enchantment Place. This mall, and all of the stores in it, cater to a cliental vastly different from what you see at your average mall, mainly because it is made up of witches, vampires, ghosts, and of course some demons and weretigers, a creature similar to the commonly known werewolf. Each store in this mall sells unique items, from combustible clothing and accessories, to altars for any new coven, and familiars for the whole family. Familiars are pets much like your average cat or dog with a twist, they speak to you, enhance your powers, whatever they may be, and guide you through your problems. Enchantment Place even has a store very similar to one in the real world, although it stirs up a lot of anger with some of the mundane; Make-a-Mortal is comparable to Build a Bear. The best part about Make-a-Mortal is that it is owned by a werebear named Ted, who seems to hold a grudge against mortals for the mockery.

Enchantment Place was an interesting mix of short stories for anyone who is interested in fantasy. I loved the fact that there were many different authors involved in this compilation, because you can see the different writing styles from author to author. One reason I was happy with this book was the fact that it did not conflict with other stories in its description of mythical creatures. Also, I loved the fact that the setting of the book was a mall because I feel that when you go to a mall, you experience so many different things that any other setting, such as a park or grocery store, would be overshadowed. I definitely recommend Enchantment Place to all reading addicts looking for a quick fix between novels.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: East Islip, New York United States of America