Saturday, August 16, 2008

Click by Annabel Monaghan & Elisabeth Wolfe

"Click!" was written as a guide to inform today's generation of girls all about making "it" happen. "It" can be any goal that you may have. The focal point of the book "Click!" is all about setting and achieving goals. Authors Monaghan and Wolfe believe that if you release good and positive energy, then good and positive things will happen. They write about focusing on your goals and sending out optimistic "e-vites" and getting excellent R.S.V.P.s back.

The authors of the book "Click!" definitely achieved their purpose. The vocabulary makes this book useful for girls of all ages. The writing was simple but to the point. The book is broken into several sections, and those sections are broken in to more sections which makes this guide an extra book that is easy to read. Monaghan and Wolfe keep your attention by making you actively read. There are quizzes to take and "e-vites" to fill out. They make sure that you can take this book and make it relate to your life and your goals.
I learned that through setting and focusing on goals, you can really make what you want happen. I would recommend this book to girls of all ages to learn about what an optimistic and positive attitude can do for you.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Phoenixville, PA USA