Sunday, April 15, 2007

Killing Miss Kitty and Other Sins by Marion Dane Bauer

Killing Miss Kitty and Other Sins by Marion Dane Bauer is a collection of five fictional short stories that are based on Marion Dane Bauer's childhood. Claire, the protagonist in each story, is a lovable character with an innocence and an interest in writing. Based in the 1950s the stories discuss issues of the time (and of more recent years as well); segreation, one's relationship with God, the truth, and learning about one's sexuality. The first story describes Claire's interaction with Dorinda, a black girl who stays in Claire's town for the summer. Claire befriends Dorinda and she begins to realize how wrong and hurtful segregation is. The second story portrays Claire as a new girl at her junior high and how friendless she is. Until she meets a Pauline, who introduces her to a bible study where Claire learns to befriend God and take Him into her heart. The third story implies that secrecy is an awful weapon. Clarie tells the tale of her mother killing her cat. The fourth story discusses sin as Claire feels guilty pranking several worried adults. The final story, the fifth story, tells of Claire's high school years and when Claire begins to realize she is not like the others.

I enjoyed Killing Miss Kitty and Other Sins by Marion Dane Bauer. I found myself interested in Claire's character and understanding her confusion. Growing up is not an easy task, Claire demonstrates this in each of her tales. The characters that surround Clarie are fiesty and life-like. Marion Dane Bauer wrote believable and captivating stories to portray the hardships of growing up.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Concord, MA United States