Sunday, March 04, 2007

Such A Pretty Face

"Such a Pretty Face" is a collection of stories about beauty. The first story is about a beautiful, seemingly perfect girl wanting to just be ugly and fit in with everyone else. The second about a girl living in another country where everyone she sees seems beautiful, making her feel like an outsider. The third a story of a boy stuck in the hospital with a broken back and falling in love with a nurse he can't evem see. The fourth is a story of a girl who has a a hair on her chin that keeps growing longer and thicker, and on the day of prom too. The fifth is a story of boy going to a circus freak show, and finding a beauty he did not expect. The sixth story is about a girl trying to find her own look, a look that does not parallel her mother's looks. The seventh of a very hairy boy nicknamed "ape," who just wants to get a date with his dream girl. The eigth is of a a beautiful girl whose mom wants her to be a model, but who doesn't want to draw attention to herslef. The nineth is about a depressed boy whose best friend is trying to make him feel better by making up a bingo game with him. The tenth is about a girl named Beauty, but is considered anything but a beauty. The elventh is about a depressed, suicidal girl who is getting therapy from a short comedian. And the twelfth is about moments in a girl's life when her perceptiona of beauty does not include her.

First of all, I am sorry about my summary, it's just that it is hard to convey the plots of every story in this book in a couple of sentences. I liked this book because although every story in this book is very short, all the stories are long enough to send the reader a message about beauty, not always outward beauty but sometimes inner beauty and perceived beauty. I especially liked how every story offered something different, told something different about beauty, which made it so the book was not a repitition of the same idea. The book was good because every writer wrote kind of heart warming characters that you could somehow relate to because of their perception of beauty. Some of the stories in the book left you hanging, though, but it wasn't a necessarily bad thing not to know what happened to each charater, and those stories left the future of the charater's and their ideals up to the reader to decide, which I think made those stories better. This book was also good because it made you think about beauty and how you define it, which before I read this book I never actually considered anything outside of the magezine definition of beauty. I thought this was a great book that you should at least read once.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 9
Reviewer Age: 15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.