Monday, September 05, 2005

Anthem by Ayn Rand

Equality 7-2521 is not like the other brothers. For one thing, he has a head quicker than most. He desires to become a Scholar and question all things. In the society of Equality 7-2521, the worst transgression is to prefer. Nothing is superior. Everything is all the same. Equality 7-2521 makes a huge discovery, but keeps it to him, for it is Uncharted. If the Council found out, he would be severely punished for breaking the law. There he discovers the secrets of the Unthinkable Times and satisfies some of his hunger for knowledge. He meets Liberty 5-3000, a girl, and falls in love without the Council of Eugenics assigning them together. Both of them escape to the Uncharted Forest and realize the power of the one Unspeakable Word.

It was a book that definitely made me think. However, the plot is very similar to that of The Giver. It also contains some elements from The White Mountains. Ayn Rand gives many of the modern-day concepts and items obscure and unclear names.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8
Reviewer Age: 12