Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A new student review of Meet Me At The River by Nina de Gramont

tlang posted a new student review of Meet Me At The River by Nina de Gramont. See the full review.

I easily became emotionally attached to this book. I love Tressa and Luke's relationship and I love Luke's past life story. His past life story consists of what his dad went through over and over whenever Tressa's mother broke his heart and ran away with Tressa. Luke also talks about his best childhood memories, his worst, and the memories he had with Tressa.

Tressa loved Luke because he was her very first friend; she moved around so much with her mother that she'd never stayed in one place to really make friends. However, Luke remained her friend no matter how many years they were apart. He made her laugh, taught her how to snowboard, and chose her instead of his popular friends at school. Luke is the kind of guy who would never let you down, who would give you the chance of friendship even if no one else did; he is a strong-willed man who shows how much he cares about people with his actions.

Tressa is a lonely teenage girl who doesn't have a friend except her beloved dog and Luke. After Luke's death, Tressa falls into a depression that made me want to cry along with her. The author did an amazing job with each description. I couldn't stop thinking how I would act after my best friend died. I was so attached to this book and definitely recommend it to anyone.