Monday, January 11, 2016

A new student review of After Isaac by Avra Wing

piercelg posted a new student review of After Isaac by Avra Wing. See the full review.

I can say that I LOVED this book! I found the narrator easy to connect with and relate to, maybe because I have experienced the death of a very close family member. My heart ached for Aaron, as I felt I was experiencing his grief and struggles with him. The author’s descriptions were spot on with what I went through- it was clear she did her research (or has experienced it herself). When my father passed away, I remember thinking that it is true what they say...everyone handles their grief differently. But what they do not say is that you have to live with others as they handle their grief differently than you do. The author nailed that.  I cannot say enough about this book, except maybe that I could not put it down. I read it in four sittings- all in the same day. I could not go to bed without finishing it. Overall this was a very good book.