Monday, August 10, 2015

A new student review of Chantarelle by Genevieve Morgan

jotaf posted a new student review of Chantarelle by Genevieve Morgan. See the full review.

Chantarelle was a very good book filled with action, adventure, and thrills on every page. I liked that the author, G.A. Morgan, was able to make the book believable in its own unique way.  

I also enjoyed the details and rich descriptions in this book. For example, one line says, “Moss hung like beards along the limbs of the lifeless trees.”  A part in the book that I liked was when Chase suddenly remembered about Ayda. It happened in a very memorable and slightly funny way.

The author kept the same characters as in book one, and introduced a few new ones. I enjoyed everything about this book. I would recommend this book to ages 11 and up, or to anyone who loved The Fog of Forgetting.