Monday, June 29, 2015

A new student review of Feral Pride

MezokaCapturer65 posted a new student review of Feral Pride . See the full review.

A lot of this book hinges on things being accepted as soon as they are stated, as in many things are suddenly introduced and then suddenly removed from the story.  It gets hard to keep track of who everyone is and where everyone is throughout the action, or even when things are calmer.  This book has about an equal amount of romance as the previous books in the series; not much to say about that.  While I did find this book mildly entertaining, I don't think it's anything I'd pick up to read for a second time.  If you don't like elements that were in the previous books, then this book will probably do nothing to redeem the series in your eyes, so I'd only recommend this to people who like teen romance and supernatural creatures.