Thursday, June 25, 2015

A new student review of Enter the Realm of Flesh by A.N. Sinner

snehayamsani posted a new student review of Enter the Realm of Flesh by A.N. Sinner. See the full review.

“For a split second, a certain word sprang to Michael’s mind: Destiny.”

A.N. Sinner creates an intriguing world for the minds of young readers, using monsters, the mafia, and ancient mythology in Enter the Realm of Flesh.

Sinner does an excellent job with Michael's character development. At the beginning of this novel, readers see Michael as a typical teenager going through the motions of high school. But after his parents' death, he matures drastically from a boy to a strong man. The writing techniques Sinner uses to convey the development allows readers to witness Michael’s growth, creating a classic coming of age novel.

The plot was interesting as it explored the theory of there being more than one realm and the existence of monsters. In fact, I felt Michael Phoenix, in this novel, was the equivalent of Thor.

Although the plot was interesting, at times certain details were lost because there are so many things happening at once. There were moments I felt the writing could have been better developed, but it was generally quite enjoyable and easily understood. This story also serves to be a quick read for those who do not enjoy long reading material. I finished it in two days!