Thursday, June 25, 2015

A new student review of Dime by E. R. Frank

Katiedid.Break posted a new student review of Dime by E. R. Frank. See the full review.

First, I'd like to say that when I read the description of this book I thought it said "Danny," not "Daddy." So I didn't realize what it was about, and I thought it was a kidnapping/runaway mystery. I would not usually pick this type of book; I am a fantasy nut.

Even so, it was actually pretty good, though it’s not a favorite at all. However, the characters are incredibly described and well thought out. The author truly made them come to life, and not many other authors can do so.

I liked how the author repeated the first chapter later in the book and used it as a sort of second prologue to the book. I also like how the ending was left open. What happens to Dime? Will the baby be okay? What about Lollipop, Brandy, and L.A.?

I wouldn't recommend this book to my friends because of its subject matter. To people who like this book I would recommend "The Death of Bees" by Lisa O'Donnell. It has a similar plot, but prostitution isn't included. Instead, there’s murder and drugs. It's not quite as harsh and shocking a situation as the one Dime finds herself in.