Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A new student review of Autumn of Elves by Joanne Vruno

jotaf posted a new student review of Autumn of Elves by Joanne Vruno. See the full review.

I thought Autumn of Elves was another great read from Joanne Vruno. It was filled with magic, adventure, and suspense. I loved that the author put a new twist into the story; I would never have expected that Emily would be able to see the magical creatures too. The book kept me interested and engaged. I wasn't able to guess what would happen next; it was unpredictable. 

A part in the book that I really liked was when Emily first saw a troll. It was so funny how the troll tried to get the attention of Aly’s family. Time and again it failed, and it finally walked away in defeat. I can't think of any part in the book that I didn't like. It was fantastic from start to finish. I think this book would be great for anyone who read and loved the first book. I also recommend it for anyone who likes magic and adventure. 

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