Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A new student review of The Accidental Siren by Jake Vander Ark

swalia posted a new student review of The Accidental Siren by Jake Vander Ark. See the full review.

The Accidental Siren was not my type of book. The story line dragged on, the characters were unbelievable, and the plot line was unrealistic. The book was hard to finish and lacked many components that I enjoy in a good story, like a clear conflict and likeable characters. Although I did not like this book, I thought the setting was well-described, and I could picture what the woods and the house would look like. I also liked the little twist at the end concerning Whit. The author did a good job of depicting the racism of the time period, but some events concerning Livy were unrealistic, confusing, and hard to believe or picture. I felt that James and Whit seemed younger than twelve years old, and that the story would have been better if they were ten years old. I disliked Mara’s character the most because it was the most unrealistic, and she lacked a personality that could have set her apart from every other story about a seemingly perfect girl. Overall, I did not enjoy reading this book and found it extremely unrealistic and slow. I would not recommend this book to others because it was very hard to finish.