Saturday, August 30, 2014

A new student review of The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

jotaf posted a new student review of The Fire Wish by Amber Lough. See the full review.

The Fire Wish was a really great book.  Before I requested The Fire Wish I hadn't realized it was a romance, but to me it didn't feel like a romance.  Instead, it felt like an action book.  The author, Amber Lough, did a really good job with the unique descriptions.  For example, she described one of the character’s voices as being like sandpaper on another‘s nerves.  It almost felt like the author was taking me on a journey, even though the descriptions got overly wordy at times.  The characters were so well developed that I couldn‘t choose just one favorite.  Something I didn’t like about the book, though, was at the beginning, it felt like I was thrown into the story and there was a little bit missing.  Granted, it did explain it eventually, but it took a while to clarify the background.  I would recommend this book to girls ages twelve through sixteen because there is some blood, death, a little bit of romance.  Boys willing to look past the little bit of romance that the book has, or don't mind it, would probably enjoy the action, also.  Be warned -- this is a series, and it will leave you hanging at the end!