Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A new student review of Bloodwitch

Ravette posted a new student review of Bloodwitch . See the full review.

This was a very engaging, fast-paced story. I absolutely loved the characters. My favourite being Vance, who went through a lot of changes throughout the novel. It was interesting to follow the progression because I was able to see how his eyes opened about the world around him, and how he began to see things differently. In other words, he became a better person for it. It was, in my opinion, really amazing to see this sort of transformation with the character development, even more so when he discovered the world he had always been curious about. Not ony that, but I loved the setting: the basic human dystopia in which something else was the the top of the 'pyramid', so to speak. Long story short, I'd highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy.