Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A new student review of Twisted (Volume 1) by Brittany Hawes

swalia posted a new student review of Twisted (Volume 1) by Brittany Hawes. See the full review.

Twisted is a great book that includes many of the aspects a good book needs. While I was reading the book I could visualize H corporation and what it was like to live there.  The author used very good words that were easy to understand, but also fit the book perfectly. Personally, I liked this book because it had mystery, suspense, action, and romance elements. I also liked that it was written in 1st person because it explained how Lola felt throughout the book. The book had many spelling errors, and could have been more descriptive at times. Overall, the book was an enjoyable book that has may good qualities. I would recommend this to readers age 10 and up.