Friday, June 06, 2014

A new student review of Thimble Down by Pete Prown

vbobrocks posted a new student review of Thimble Down by Pete Prown. See the full review.

While Pete Prown’s Thimble Down had an engaging mystery aspect, the overall enjoyment of the novel was diminished by the over detailed and repetitive writing style.  As a teen reader, I found myself bored by the thickly described passages and the frequent reminder of characters’ roles.  Also, it was a challenge to empathize with the main character who was an obese middle-aged fellow, along with the rest of the villagers; it seemed that everyone’s life revolved around food and drink.  There were, however, some interesting plot twists that provided some respite and the plot was well thought out.  Thimble Down would be enjoyed by fifth to seventh graders who enjoy a bit of problem solving but aren’t interested in action/adventure genres.