Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A new student review of Moon of the Goddess by Cathy Hird

awalker10 posted a new student review of Moon of the Goddess by Cathy Hird. See the full review.

I thought this book was enjoyable, with a slightly predictable and straightforward plot but likable characters. It was good, but the protagonist was not really my main interest, rather the more minor background characters I feel would have made a better story. Thalassai was a rather weak and helpless maiden who did not have the strong heroine feel about her, that title went to her brother's traveling companion, a healer who served the goddess Eurynome. All in all, the book was good but nothing extraordinary. I did enjoy the references to the Greek gods though, as that was the reason I chose it. Although I know more about ancient Greece than most people, I was still surprised by the reference to the goddess Eurynome, as I had never heard of her before. The conflict between the two gods could have unfolded into something bigger and created a more engrossing plot line, but the simple and straightforward story was actually rather refreshing after so many complex plots of modern books. It was overall an enjoyable book that I would read again.