Sunday, June 01, 2014

A new student review of The Little Woods by McCormick Templeman

sisto8 posted a new student review of The Little Woods by McCormick Templeman. See the full review.

This book was mismarked age wise.  I only read a few chapters and by the end of the few chapters, I decided that nobody under 16 should be reading it.  The language was terrible, the characters were doing illegal activities, and the characters were breaking important rules.  Someone older may find this book very interesting and fun to read, but I don’t think reading bad language and reading about drugs is a fun activity.  The characters were strange people that weren't very likable.  All the teens mentioned in this book were not-so-good people doing not-so-good activities.  This book isn’t really appropriate for someone my age to read.  It is better for people around 16-18 to read.  If someone under 18 buys this book, I suggest having a parent or trusted adult look it over first.  Other than the content problem, this book is probably okay, but since I didn't read past the first few chapters, I don't really know how good it is.