Sunday, June 22, 2014

A new student review of Incinerator

ReesaOnFire posted a new student review of Incinerator . See the full review.

I must give this book my applause. Incinerator, by Niall Leonard, was good. With its enticing plot, teasing mystery and splendid characters, it makes the reader hold his or her breath. Leonard did a admirable job spinning the plot together, but particularly with leaving hints and clues throughout the story to reveal the true villain. A wonderful read to keep your brain active, Incinerator flies.                                        Unfortunately I cannot say that it flies smoothly or with flying colors. While I commend Leonard for his work, I can still say it needs work. I have primarily issues with the book: structure.                                      

First off, the format of the book was difficult to read. Throughout the whole book it was only a block of text—no indents or paragraph indicators. I found it irritating and distracting from the story.   A minor detail, but bothersome none-the-less.                                                                                                                    

Second off, the book started extremely slow and dull.  Perhaps this could be attributed to it being a second book in a series, but it was. Even though it was extremely taxing in actions, explanations  and in word choice, the book picked up in the middle.    It had a slow start, which hinders your enjoyment of the book. It was almost confusing for me, the beginning was so different from the rest of the book.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thirdly, as I previously mentioned, the explanations were frustating.  This may be due to that fact that this book is a sequel. There is lot information not provided for the reader who has not read the first book.  As I read it, I really only knew that Finn’s father died, he got in trouble with a criminal, and now has a load of money.  Until almost the end of the book, that was all I knew.  It was frustrating and confusing for me as a reader.                                                                                                                      

Still, this book was entirely enticing. I enjoyed the plot and Finn’s character immensely. I could see many books or short stories about him. With Leonard’s brilliant plot, his structural, frustrations may be forgiven.  I do strongly suggest that if you read this book you read the prequel, “Crusher”.