Saturday, June 07, 2014

A new student review of The Devil You Know by Adrian W. Lilly

Ashez55 posted a new student review of The Devil You Know by Adrian W. Lilly. See the full review.

When I began the book, I really wanted to like it. I'm glad to say the grammar isn't too distracting, though the story got more convoluted the farther in I got. The plot line seems weakly fabricated, adding characters and sinister events whenever it dulls down. I wonder at some of the ridiculous stunts the three friends are forced through, especially the land crumbling to reveal a raging river of death when they try to escape. It maybe would have made more sense to, oh, I don't know, have the demon townspeople who were in hot pursuit round them up. I think the love story is rushed and unnecessary, as was the addition of Vance's family to the cursed deal. Much of the story is a filler, and a boring one at that. I'm thoroughly confused as to why both sets of parents carried their charade through a majority of the book, when it would have benefited them more to lock the children up until the night the ritual was to take place. As they are implied to have done this same thing countless times, I would have assumed they had a plan down pat with no room for error. Overall, I found the idea intriguing but rather poorly executed.