Sunday, December 01, 2013

A new student review of The Vow

Juggles1414 posted a new student review of The Vow . See the full review.

This story’s characters were well thought-out. As I was reading, I could identify the different personalities of each individual. The message was strong as well; you definitely saw the ideas she was touching on, like love and selfishness. It was a good novel; I would recommend it to others, but it wasn’t a page turner. The story didn’t have the excitement that you would get from one. The ending was lacking for me, only because of the quickness it came about. I would have enjoyed it more if the emotions behind the decision at the end were explained or elaborated a little more. I would, however, re-read this book. Others should read it for the great story yet seriousness that Jessica Martinez puts into each situation.