Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A new student review of Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes

dancechicka posted a new student review of Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes . See the full review.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book, to be honest.  Nonfiction isn’t really my forte—I read so much of it at school that I have no desire to read it at home.  A week ago, as I was browsing through the booklist, I happened upon it and was so intrigued by its witty description and unique air that I decided to give the whole nonfiction genre a shot.  What a load on this book’s shoulders, correct?  Fortunately, I am happy to report that this manuscript flourished under the pressure and my critical eye.  I found it humorous, entertaining, and educational, which is what every nonfiction book should be if it wants to attract younger readers.  It moved at a brisk pace through fifty different historical figures known for their beauty (or simply their big bank account) that seemingly had it all--appeal, influence, aim, and in some cases, a defining attitude.  Organized into small, three page sections dedicated to each person, I felt that the book moved along at a quick enough pace to avoid being boring yet giving me enough information that I felt that I learned something.  All in all, it is great nonfiction read that I believe would be wonderful for anyone who is looking to mix up their winter reading.

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up, since there are frequent mentions of sex, affairs, and violence, along with a minimal amount of swearing.  There are also some mentions of homosexuality and bisexuality, so if it bothers you or your child, it may not be the book for you.

So, are you looking for a unique twist on history and the people who shaped it?  What about looking for your next celebrity crush?  If so, be sure to check out Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes by Kelly Murphy!