Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A new student review of Dead Strange by Matt Lamy

Christian Reader posted a new student review of Dead Strange by Matt Lamy. See the full review.

In this book, Matt Lamy attempts to explain 50 of the world’s most famous mysteries.  This book includes information about the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, zombies, voodoo dolls and magic, alien encounters, UFO sightings, real-life Men in Black, alchemy, Amityville, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Bible Code.  For each topic there are black and white photos and around two pages of facts about that particular mystery.

While this book does state the main facts about these mysteries, there are not enough facts given.  For me to give this book a five star rating would mean that this book had little to no problems.  This book only has one problem, yes.  But it’s a large enough issue that I do not feel I can justify giving this book a five star review.  The only problem this book has is a large one - there are not enough facts given to prove or disprove each mystery.  Yes, the main facts are given, and the author doesn’t try to state whether or not each mystery really happened - he simply suggests whether or not he personally thinks it might have happened, and at times states he’s not sure if it happened.  That part is good - it allows the reader to make up his or her mind about whether or not to believe these mysteries.  However, the author does not give enough information about each mystery for me to truly state whether or not I agree. With some mysteries, the author simply states suggestions, and doesn’t really state fact or truth.  And considering that the cover states that this book contains “the bizarre truths behind 50 world-famous mysteries”, it’s disappointing.  I was hoping the book would live up to its high standards, but alas, it did not.

This book is informative but not informative enough.  It is easy to read, and simple to understand.  However, not enough fact or truth is given for me to justify giving this book a five star review.