Sunday, April 28, 2013

A new student review of Butterfly

seaotter77 posted a new student review of Butterfly . See the full review.

I found the writing style in Butterfly to be incomprehensible and annoying at times. I could barely understand what Sonya Hartnett was writing half the time. The words and sentence structure made no sense whatsoever, and there was no interesting plot at all! I found it extremely challenging to get through the book, as it was not only confusing, but also boring, and if I could, I would give this book no stars at all. The novel was even depressing at times; all Plum ever did was worry about herself, and constant worry does not make for a good read. I would never recommend this book to anyone, but if someone would want to read it, I would suggest ages 14 and up: the writing style is advanced and there is some mature content.