Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A new student review of Maggot Moon

rmaehill posted a new student review of Maggot Moon . See the full review.


Though in some ways simply written, I found Maggot Moon to be a very powerful book.  Although its syntax and diction was basic enough for middle schoolers, its language and imagery was coarse and crude, reflecting the lives the characters lived.  This originally turned me off the story, yet as I continued reading, I found that the excellent character development and themes of courage and rebellion in the story overpowered any negative effect the grammar had originally had on me.  The themes and ideas presented in the story, though dark and sometimes depressing, were truly adult, and I can say that the story made me cry in the end.  I would recommend it to any high school reader who would like a quick yet thematically and emotionally powerful read.