Sunday, September 02, 2012

Queen's Lady (The Lacey Chronicles Book II) by Eve Edwards

Jane s life is full of hardships and complications. Born into a controlling family who wishes to use her as a pawn for their own gains, having the man she thinks she might love practically despise her, having one of her few friends, the wise and elderly Jonas Marquess of Rievaulx, breathe his last breath before her, and much more. In The Queen s Lady , Jane begins her trip to court to join those serving the Queen, as was the dying wish of Jonas. While there, she meets once again, James, the man who had stolen her heart. She tries to clear the confusion on her real reasons for rejecting his brother. Jane becomes re-entangled with her family, who still views her as a way to gain power. Along with a gaggle of conniving stepsons, a needle woman with a difficult romance, not to mention trying to reconnect with James, Jane s life is as busy and confusing as before. Tangled up in more than she can handle, she looks to her closest friends to assist her as she tries to stumble through the problems she faces, and, hopefully, end up alive and married to the man she loves.       I began reading The Queen s Lady with high hopes for the story, and was thrilled to see that the book definitely did not disappoint. Set in a time and place where a Queen ruled, a dowry came with every marriage, and even the most common speech had a wisp of poetic nature, the book remained true to the wonderful history and culture of the United Kingdom. It told the marvelously intriguing story of Lady Jane. The characters too were wonderful, each having extremely distinctive personalities, speech, and habits. The storyline was unique, the twists fascinating, and the writing style captivating. Though there were times when I wished the author would have delved into more detail, the book itself was magnificent and I will be waiting anxiously for Eve Edward s next book.   Reviewer Age:13Reviewer City, State and Country: Phillipsburg, New Jersey USA