Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me and Jack

Me and Jack

Me and Jack by Danette Haworth is a story about a boy named Joshua, whose dad is in the Air Force. Josh thought things were going to be same as usual, move to a new place, make new friends, and then move again and have to leave them behind, until his dad surprised him with something great, a dog, which he later named Jack. Just when things were going good, things take a turn for the worst, involving missing chickens, a shredded cat, and a dead horse. Everybody blames Jack for all the problems, but Josh knows the real culprit, a coyote. One night, Josh set a trap and as he had planned, the coyote came, but before Josh knew it, Jack had squeezed past Josh, who was standing in the doorway, and chased it up the mountain, with Josh and his dad right behind him. Eventually, Jack chased the coyote into a bully's yard, who blames Jack for the death of his beloved horse, and comes running after Jack and Josh with a loaded gun, but when they come to a clearing, the bully, whose name is Alan, is shocked to see Jack, Josh, and a coyote in a death triangle, and drops the gun. When Josh turns around to get the gun, the coyote lunges toward him, but when Josh turns around and shoots, Jack had stepped in to defend his boy. With a dead coyote and a dog laying on the ground in front of him, Alan is still petrified, but Josh finally got his attention and they carried Jack to Alan's house where Alan's dad called the vet, and because of Josh's rush to save his best friend, Jack survived with only a scar where the bullet had passed through his neck.

I really liked this book because one of the main characters was a dog. I love animals and loved the story because the dog became a hero. He was very protective of Josh. I would love to have a dog like that. I liked that I didn't know what was going to happen until the very end of the book. I would recommend this book to boys or girls 10-13 years old.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leopold, Mo Bollinger

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Danette Haworth said...

Dear eleven-year-old reviewer:

I love your review, especially the last paragraph--you caught that the most important point in this book is relationships and being there for your best friend, like Joshua and Jack are for each other.

Well done!
Danette Haworth