Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer

Sarah Weaver had never been in an all girl s college before.
She wasn't exactly excited about going to one now, either.
Then, she met Maddy. Maddy and her best-friend, Agnes, are
both rich and exciting to be around. Maddy and Agnes
convince Sarah to move into a huge house, off campus. They
act as if they're the best of friends, the type of
friendship any girl would want to have. They cook together,
buy each other presents, and share all of their secrets.
More and more flaws start to show in Maddy and Agnes'
behavior. Maddy seems to be a compulsive liar and Agnes
seems to be obsessed with Maddy. Strange events between the
girls start to really freak out Sarah. Are the girls really
sharing all their secrets? Could shocking new secrets ruin
their friendship, or even more?
Vicious Little Darlings
was a very interesting, and exciting story. It was full of
suspense at every corner and some events were much
unexpected. This story was particularly interesting to me,
especially as a teenage girl. The story of the girl s
friendships and betrayal will relate to any teenage girl s
life, which is why I recommend for all girls to read this
story. The ending of this story was extremely shocking which
made it an amazing novel. I absolutely loved this story. It
was super enthralling to me and I believe any teenage girl
would enjoy it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country:
Fairborn, Ohio USA