Friday, December 30, 2011

Total Blueprint for World Domination (eBook) by Jolene Stockman

The Total Blueprint for World Domination follows a similar formula to Stephen Covey's highly acclaimed Seven Habits series.  Jolene Stockman directs readers through nine scenes towards dominating the only real world out there, yours.  These scenes help readers visualize the world they want to be in, develop an action plan towards accomplishing their goals, and ultimately following through with your blueprint.  Stockman moves readers through these scenes at a swift pace and as a result avoids overwhelming readers at each phase of the process.  Despite similarities that will be seen amongst all books that cover this subject matter, Stockman delivers enough unique messages and methods that will provide a great deal of value to the teenage/young adult group that the book suits best.

As I began reading the Total Blueprint, I wasn't immediately sold on Stockman's premise of an action plan towards world domination, and associated the book with most other self-help books I had read throughout my life.  However, as I continued to read through each scene, I found that Stockman reached a special niche that allowed the Total Blueprint to differentiate itself from other self-help books.  First, as mentioned before, the Total Blueprint is a fast-paced read.  Readers will not be bogged down for hours reading about what to do.  Instead, readers can act on Stockman's message as they read the book.  Second, there is a companion website to the book that will help you develop a digital version of your blueprint.  Finally, amongst all of the ideas and philosophical messages, Stockman points directly to action that can be taken immediately to reach your goals, and readers will develop the skills to discover what we can do today to dominate our future world.  Although this book may be best suited for teens and young adults, there is still value for older readers who would like a shorter book.  The Total Blueprint for World Domination is a worthwhile read for the unique features it brings to readers, and I recommend it to young adult readers in search of an action plan for success.

Reviewer Age:21
Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States