Thursday, December 01, 2011

Awakening Dreams

Becoming the target of countless attacks in the cold

plains of Calgary isn't exactly on everyone's List of

Favourite Things To Do, but for fifteen year old Grace

Severin, this is becoming increasingly normal. In a world

where Greek gods live among mortals and love takes an

unexpected twist, Shawn L Bird's first book in her Grace

Awakening series is bound to have readers begging for the

next book. Packed with suspense, Awakening Dreams is about

tenth grade Grace, who was never really looking for

romance. But after a sudden fainting spell, all of a

sudden one of the school's biggest druggies wants to date

her, a twelfth grade music genius won't leave her alone,

and might her best friend secretly have a crush on her? On

top of this, the druggie keeps on mysteriously

disappearing, and worst of all, a war between the gods to

end all things creative is breaking out. Somehow Grace is

connected to all this. As her erratic life continues to

unravel, Grace finds herself dreaming dreams that link to

another universe. In a world where Greek gods live among

mortals and love takes an unexpected twist, Grace must

discover her true self and destiny before it's too late.

There's no doubt about it,  Awakening Dreams is a

definite page turner. As already mentioned, the book is

packed with unforgettable suspense. Who is trying to kill

Grace? Why is Ben so certain he's been in love with her

forever? What's with all those overheard conversations

that don't seem to make any sense? are just a few

questions that plague readers throughout the entire

reading experience. When I read the book, I felt like I

was Grace herself, and the dialogue only added to this

effect by latching onto your nose and reeling you into

intensely vivid conversations. The characters are all very

unique. They're very fun to read about and fall in love

with. However, one of the things that I didn't like about

the book was how at the end, readers are never aware of

why Grace is the heroine of the story. I am aware that the

author was trying to limit the reader's knowledge on the

whole Greek gods and the war concept (because readers

are only aware of what Grace knows), but it would have

been nice if the author had ended the book allowing

readers to understand why Grace is important to the story.

Another thing I didn't really like was how the structure

was just a bit weak. For example, there was no climax.

Some might argue that the book did in fact have one, but

I'll let you decide when you read it. There is a little

profanity; but overall, the novel is very tame. I would

recommend Awakening Dreams to anyone twelve years of age

and up, who has a passion for romance novels with a blend

of fantasy.

Reviewer Age:14
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