Monday, August 15, 2011

Thief-Book 2 in the Brides of Alba by Linda Windsor

Thief is an incredibly well-written piece of historical
fiction.  The story begins with a banished mercenary named
Caden and a minstrel and thief named Sorcha.  Through an
unlikely twist of fate the two meet and Caden offers a way
out of a proposal Sorcha has been forced to accept.  They
escape together, but Sorcha soon learns that there is way
more to Cadens past than she could have ever imagined, and
that he might know more about her that she would like.  As
their pasts catch up with them, they must decide if they
will ever be able to trust, or love, each other.
I have
read several of books by Linda Winsor and I have loved every
one, and this is no exception!!  Thief is a great work of
historical fiction that really makes you feel like you are
witnessing the events as they unfold in sixth century
Scotland.  The characters are complex and interesting
without being unreal, and the plot moves along quickly to a
surprising conclusion.  I highly recommend this book to any
teen reader!

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and
Country: Virginia Beach, VA USA