Friday, August 26, 2011

Dark Passage by M. J. Putney

     In the romantic sequel to Dark Mirror, the gang is finally back in their own time period, only to face drama back home.  Tory and Allarde get closer together, but they get torn apart ton to a levitating mishap which gives Torys magic away to Allarde parents. He is to be disowned if he stays with Tory, so she does the brave thing and leaves him, with a huge hole torn in both their hearts. Cynthia is left at school for the holidays and finds a companion in Jack. She dines with, dances with, and even shares a Christmas kiss with him. But Cynthia being the daughter of a duke is turned off by his poor status. Can she overcome to love him? The group then goes on another adventure through the mirror to help Nick in 1940. They need to rescue a scientist who was inventing a medicine that one of nicks family members needs desperately. Can they do it in time? Will the Irregulars ever solve their relationship dramas? Read Dark Passage to find out.
    This book was dreamily romantic, with a couple dashes or drama and a splash of adventure.  It was a fun read. I would probably recommend it to girls my age, not to many boys though. Even though this book was very sweet and romantic, that was pretty much the whole of the story. Not as much adventure as I thought there would be. I really loved the characters in the book, especially Jack with his fun and teasing nature. Overall this book was fun and sweet, and definitely worth the read.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leawood, Kansas USA