Monday, August 08, 2011

Concrete Savior by Yvonne Navarro

Concrete Savior is the second novel in the Dark Redemption series. The book continues the story of Brynna Malak, a fallen angel who is trying to gain a second chance at Heaven through good deeds done on Earth. Amidst her budding relationship with Eran Redmond, a Detective in the Chicago Police Force, and the ever-present fear of attack from Lucifer's Hunters, Brynna begins to uncover the truth lurking behind a series of daring rescues. Although the anonymous hero is preventing the deaths of citizens, there are still disastrous consequences of each saved life. Brynna suspects the dark trickery of demons is involved as she digs deeper and deeper into the mystery in this fast-paced and intense read.
I found this novel to be fascinating, full of action, romance, and well-developed characters. Each individual is very realistic, containing unique flaws and talents with a very clear mindset and personality and I particularly enjoyed how you find yourself reading from the point of view of the majority of the characters, including both the heroes and the villains. This way I felt I had a better grasp on the reasons behind everyone's actions and the many different parts of the overarching plot. I also appreciated the distinctive complexities of the plot, as fantastical creatures and superhuman elements are interwoven in the typical drudgery of city life and human existence. The writing itself was not particularly powerful or complex, but it was effective in recounting the thoughts and conversations of the different characters and fairly adept at describing the scenery. Overall, I found the book to be extremely suspenseful and definitely a page-turner, with an intricate plot and deep exploration of the characters.
There was some intense violence and mature language.
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Needham, MA USA