Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Blood Heat by Maria Lima

Blood Heat by Maria Lima is a story of a Kelli heir, who has returned from training to take her rightful place to the throne in the place of White Rock. The news of neighboring werewolves going missing catches the attention of Kiera. White Rock is a seemingly innocent place but the more research that is being done on White Rock the guiltier the residents of White Rock seem. The werewolves tried to fit in the White Rock community. Being new to the town and having a different religion causes sticky situations. Read this book if you like a good mystery including murder, cover ups, and hate crimes.

When I close my eyes picturing this plot I see the forest on the werewolf property and the unbearable sun beating down through the trees. The feeling I get is suspense, because of the mystery and excitement. I didn't know what to expect, and the book constantly kept me on my toes. The story has a mysterious voice. I liked the writing style because it gave enough detail without giving too much away. The ending was great! The book definitely is better than other books I have read, because it had a little of everything. The beginning of the book is a bit boring, but improves if you stick with it. I would recommend this book.

Reviewer Age:13,  Uxbridge, MA USA