Saturday, April 02, 2011

Awakened by P.C. Cast

With the help of her devoted warrior, Stark, the reluctant assistance of Kalona and the ever-watchful presence of the Goddess Nyx, Zoey has returned back to the land of the living. No longer the scared and broken girl she was before, Zoey and Stark are beginning to learn about their special bond as warrior and High Priestess from the powerful Vampyre Queen Sgiach and her warrior. But Zoey can't run away from her problems forever because the Vamyre High Council has returned the evil Neferet to her position at the House of Night and she's using her regained power to continue her evil plan. Once again, it is up to Zoey, her friends, the elements, and the blessing of Nyx to save everyone they love and the whole human race from the Vampyres who wish to exterminate them. Will Zoey be able to save everyone or will some have to be sacrificed for the greater good?

When you first look at any of the new, young adult, vampire novels you're first thought might be Twilight? but this is not the case. This book has it's own original story line which show s the ancient struggle of good verses evil in a modern setting. It is not particular deep writing filled with thought provoking questions, complex characters, and a wide verity of diction. It is, however, a nice, easy read for anyone who likes fiction novels with strong female leads. There is some mention and alluded to sexual actions so this is not the book for younger children. In addition, you would need to have read the earlier books in the House of Night Series to read this book or you will be completely lost.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Reston, Virginia United States of America