Monday, March 28, 2011

The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Wild

In the beginning of the book you find Jack on a boat heading to the Yukon River in Alaska to find gold for
his family with his brother-in-law James. Once he gets to Yukon he sets out on a gold finding adventure. Sadly though, his brother-in-law had to go back due to sickness. Jack sets out to Dawson City with his newfound friends Jim and Merritt. He gets in a brawl with slavers and ends up being a slave. The first night he's there a Wendigo (a cannibalistic spirit that possesses a human) attacks the camp. His so-called "guardian" wolf saves him. When he wakes up he finds himself in a hut with no one else. He soon finds out he was taken in by a girl called Lesya. She tells him her father is a nature god of the surrounding forest. When he takes a walk in the woods he sees bodies entwined in trees. The horrific thing was that they were still living. He finds out it was Lesya who did it. What he learns from Lesya is that the men in the trees were lovers trying to get away so they don't have to stay forever with her. He luckily gets away before it can
happen to him. Once he gets far away he runs into the slave camp. There he meets up with the Wendigo again. Will he live though this reunion and head home? Read this exciting book to find out.
 I thought this book was awesome. The two authors made a book that Jack London would be proud of. The illustrator's pictures a open window into the world of Jack. I think any teenager would love this spooky book. This book is a great starter book in the series. Any teen would enjoy its adventure style. I think the authors achieved there purpose.

Very bloody secenes and alot of strong language.

Reviewer Age:12 Uxbridge, Ma USA