Thursday, March 03, 2011

Old Photographs by Sherie Posesorski

When Phoebe Hecht offers her help to a sweet, but
confused elderly woman, she has no idea how drastically
this will affect the rest of her summer. The main
character of Old Photographs, by Sherie Posesorski,
Phoebe, has been going on solitary bike rides through town
until she stops at a garage sale and notices Mrs. Tomblin,
a frail old woman, struggling to count money and deal with
customers. Phoebe helps Mrs. Tomblin and becomes almost
like a grandchild to the old woman. After Mrs. Tomblin s
house is broken into, and several valuable photographs are
taken, it is up to Phoebe and her friends Colin and Yuri
to solve the crime and determine the culprit in this fast-
paced mystery.

The prospect of a mystery is enough to
tempt any reader, but Old Photographs was unfortunately
lacking in several areas. The plot, for example, seemed
slightly forced and predictable, such as the
confrontations between Phoebe and her mother. Also, the
language was too loose and informal for my taste. However,
I did enjoy getting to know some of the characters, who,
for the most part, were fresh and original. I was
disappointed with the mystery aspect, because it was
fairly easy to identify the culprit from the beginning. I
would not recommend this book because it was written at a
low level and not worth the time it took to read it.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country:
Bayside, WI U.S.A.