Thursday, March 24, 2011

Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur

The graphic novel starts off when young Arthur pulls
the legendary sword Caliburn from the stone. Ulric, the
current king of Britain, challenges Arthur to a duel at
dawn. Arthur accepts. Merlin takes Arthur to the Faerie
Realm to train for 2 years and a day. When he gets back
Arthur is 17 years old and trained in the art of fighting,
kingship, warcraft, and politics. He wins the duel and
becomes the king over Britain. King Arthur s evil half-
sister Morgana sends Merlin 7 years into the future. When
he gets back King Arthur had already married Lady
Guinevere and built Camelot. Morgana (Arthur's half-
sister) makes an evil replica of King Arthur and
challenges the real King Arthur to war. Will King Arthur
win and Albion be saved? Read this eye-catching book to
find out.
Excalibur was an awesome graphic novel.
The pictures make you feel like you're in Albion beside
King Arthur. Tony Lee tells the story of king Arthur
perfectly. Their work combines to make an ideal graphic
novel for young adults. I thought the book was hard to put
down. I recommend this to anyone who likes a good action
Reviewer Age:12 Uxbridge, Ma USA