Thursday, October 14, 2010

True Tails

According to the author, True Tails is a true book about a child who at two years old mysteriously discovers that he can communicate with animals through his mind. The story follows the author all through his childhood, his high school years and into his forties. Throughout the book there are different situations with animals where Jon helps them, plays with them, or just meets them. The animals that the author meets include anything from pigeons to peacocks and from snakes to whales. The author wrote the book to share his life experiences and to let people know that you are never alone.

This book is an autobiography. The author achieved his purpose of sharing some of his life experiences with others. However, kids like me might not be able to understand or relate to some of the things they read in the book. I didn't enjoy reading the book when I came across inappropriate concepts and bad language. I wouldn't recommend this book to my friends, but some adults might like it.

Reviewer Age: 11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Dickinson, Texas, U.S.A.