Friday, October 01, 2010

Jump by Ginger Rue

Brinkley Harper is Miss Popular at her high school. She is
a beautiful cheerleader with a football player as her
boyfriend. Brinkley always gets the lead in school plays -
whether she deserves it or not. When Brinkley is almost
expelled, she has to go to therapy as an alternative.
Brinkley thinks she is perfect and that is an issue with
her counselor. Brinkley has never known what the life of
an unpopular girl was like - that is, until she wakes up
in a poor, Goth girl s body! Will Brinkley learn her

This book speaks the truth! Brinkley is
described as a disdainful, upper-class cheerleader who
walks right over the underdog. It is only fitting that
Brinkley has to live the life of a girl she considers a
nobody . I found myself relating to this story. All
teenagers will be delighted with this book's wit and
humor. After all, everyone knows a Brinkley!

Content: 1

Rating: 10

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Panama City,
Florida United States