Friday, October 01, 2010

Dark and Stormy Knights

With this novel, P.N. Elrod has compiled a collection of nine short stories written by many of today's hit "urban fantasy" authors. All of the stories have a paranormal-like quality to them. One hit story was A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews. Readers of her Kate Daniels series can see what Kate's life was like before she met the shapeshifter, Saiman. I especially liked the Russian mythology woven into this tale. Another story that stood out for me was Rachel Caine's Even a Rabbit Will Bite, which was about a young dragon trainer. Other stories involve ghost hunting, vampires, and knights in shining armor, so there is something for everyone included here.

I'm not much of a short story reader, but I wanted to give this collection a try. There was a good variety of authors and stories to keep me interested throughout reading, even if I didn't enjoy some stories as much as others. This was also a great introduction to the urban fantasy genre. After reading this, I found some new authors that I would like to read more from. While this genre isn't for everyone, it's worth giving this collection a try. This would also make a perfect fall read.

Has some sexual content

Reviewer Age:23
Reviewer City, State and Country: Philadelphia, PA USA