Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet 15 by, Emily Adler

In three months, Destiny Lozado will turn fifteen. In a Latino household, this means the countdown begins for a Quincenara, or big fifteenth birthday celebration. However, Destiny is not sure this is how she wants to celebrate. Her mother wants her to have a girly Quincenara complete with a fancy dress and caballero (male escort). Destiny's sister, America, is fighting tooth and nail against her mother to prevent Destiny's Quincenara. America argues for a Quincenara without the fancy clothes and definitely without the caballero. And stuck in the middle of this is Destiny, swooning over a possible crush and worrying about the toll the Quince￱ara is taking on her family's financial situation. Can Destiny put up with her mother's and sister's arguments about what's best for her, or will Destiny take things into her own hands?

I like the storyline because I enjoy hearing about other cultures' birthday celebrations. However, this book was hard to get through because, for most of the book, Destiny let herself be swayed back and forth by her mother and sister and never took control of her life till the end. This book presents an interesting view of the modern day feminist (America, Destiny's sister) and the strain of being caught between two cultures. I liked how in the end, Destiny managed to make her Quincenara her own with a mix of fancy and grungy aspects. Over all, this book has a sweet and inspiring story that female tweens will surely enjoy.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, TX U.S.A.