Sunday, May 02, 2010

Revenge Fires Back by JR Thompson

I think this book is a mystery and adventure. This is a book about a family and the things most families go through. This family has been through a lot of hard times. This book, Revenge Fires Back, will remind a lot of people about the old days and how it was when they were kids. It gets you back to that happy time in life. You find yourself caught in the book, and soon its all you can think about. I really fell for this book, and I think whoever reads this is in for a good read. You're not going to want to take your eyes off of this good read!

I think this is a really good author. When I got my book, it was personally signed by him! It was amazing to see, which made the book even better to me to read. Once you read this, you can really tell that this author puts a lot of thought into his work. What he wrote about was truly delightful, but it's also sad because it talks about things that some people don't think about, but they're things that are really happening out in the world. This book will rip at your heart and make you ache to read more. I think JR Thompson really did achieve his purpose and that he worked really hard on this book. It was all worth it. I found it very moving and interesting. I wanted to read more to see what was going to happen next and see what else he wrote about in the book to make it connect with the rest of the story. I recommend this to anyone who gets that feeling in their hearts when they read a heart ripping story and a beautiful tale.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Mineola, Texas USA